AFGE Local 331 Affiliated With The AFL-CIO

Representing Professional and Non-Professional Employees of the V.A.M.H.C.S

P. O. Box 125, Perry Point, MD  21902
Listed below are the Officers and Stewards of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), Local 331. The following persons have been duly authorized to serve as indicated below:
President  Deanna M Harris:     410-642-1125/5401   
Vice President:                      Vacant                              
Vice President Professionals:  Carole Jenkins 410-605-7000 ext 5327 or 5328

Chief Steward:       Lincoln Jones       410-642-2411 ext  5385                 
Treasurer:           Annette Jones       410-642-2411 ext  6193                  
Secretary:           Vacant          
Sergeant-At-Arms:    Tim Landis          410-642-2411 ext. 6104


Steward    Lisa Coles  	       410-637-1340
Steward    Gwendolyn Maddox    410-642-2411 ext 2468
Steward    Sondra Otukoya      410-605-7000 ext 4649
Steward    John Pender         410-642-2411 ext 6301
Steward    Patricia Ryan       410-637-1390 ext 5069
Steward    Melissa Zellman     410-642-2411 ext 1022

Deanna M. Harris President AFGE Local 331